Monday, April 23, 2012

“Come with Boss Man. Make Big, Sugary Cookie,” He Didn't Say

Man, advertising gets fun when it doesn't have America's puritanical discomfort with the human body dragging it down. This South Korean ad for Oreo cookies, credited to ad agency Cheil Worldwide, features an image that would send this country into apoplectic shock (breastfeeding and an exposed nipple!). It also stars a surprisingly charismatic baby whose face suggests he totally knows what's happening here and is OK with it.
That baby does have the look of a fetishist who's been walked in on in the middle of his kink, which, apparently involves young women from Craig's List who will nurse him in exchange for Oreos, that he holds tantalyzingly out of reach of their mouths until he's finished. (“Can't touch it till you earn it.” That's the rule.)

Unsurprisingly, I'm okay with that.


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