Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ah, Savage Love, You Never Fail to Entertain Me. Same Time Next Week?

I am a married white guy in my 50s. My wife and I do some role-playing where I am “Ted,” her real-life father. In her script, I yell at my “bad daughter” (my wife) over some infraction and send her to her room. Later on, I sneak in and tell her that she could “make Daddy very happy” if we were to do some “secret, special things” together. I usually end up fingering her still-virginal butt while “forcing” her to suck my dick. Then I roll her over and rape the hell out of her.

Um, honey, I'm not judging — really, I'm not — but I think I'm going to need a re-write on this script. I like the ending; it's the journey I'm having trouble with.


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