Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's True. I'm Not Bragging. It's Just a Fact.

Question: What is evil?

Michael Stone: Well, evil is a very fascinating topic. Are we really permitted as a legitimate for ordinary folks to use that word “evil,” because it tended for thousands of years to belong to the sphere of religion and philosophy, but I noticed, as we all do, people used the word evil all the time, people in ordinary life, journalists, prosecutors, judges, etc.

So, I began to create a scale of evil. I ended up at first with just a few numbers on my scale, but I then got it up to 22 of which the first one was “not evil,” just justified homicide. Number two was crimes of passion, all the way up to 22 where there was usually a serial killer subjecting victims to prolonged torture. So, that's about as bad as it gets.

“Oh,” Dr. Stone did not add. “I almost forgot. If you have big brothers, you should add Nos. 23-25 to your scale for those sick fucks, but, of course, only Biff Loman will ever need No. 25.”.


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