Wednesday, March 03, 2010

For the LawGuy

I need to make a comeback.
I ain't worked in years.
The good times are over.
Someone call Norman Lear.

I made my rounds in the Hollywood circles.
But now I'm getting dissed by Urkel.

Unemployment is overpowering.
Maybe, Mickie Ds is hiring.
At this point, I would beg or steal.
For some of Thelma's oatmeal.…

So why does Mama always scream and shout?
J.J., get your ass out!
Mama gon' kick me out!
Mama gon' scream and shout!
Gonna' smack me all about.
Mama gon' kick me out.

I think he and I were the only ones that ever thought this was funny.

Of course, Baby Got Snacks remains my favorite.

I'm tired of magazines saying you always gotta' be lean.
You want to put a big girl in a real good mood,
She gotta' have some food.


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