Saturday, December 03, 2005

How Many Black People Does It Takes to Make White People Uncomfortable? However Many It Takes to Reach 1.3% of the People Present

Eagle Mountain is a burgeoning Utah County community, full of young families, new homeowners and white people.

Lots and lots of white people.

The racial breakdown of Eagle Mountain was listed as a selling point on the Web site of home builder Bigg Homes.

The site also included this comparison among others: "Black race population percentage significantly below state average."

"Significantly below" was in bold.

There are only a dozen black people in Utah total. Let's see: There's Donnell, Ricky, Jimmy, Larry the barber, Minnie, Zina, Big Raymond, Little Raymond, Mattie, Paulette, ShaNe'Qua, and Fat Boy.


Fat Boy died?!

Better make that 11 black people in Utah total.

So when it says Eagle Mountain's black race population percentage is significantly below the state average, it means that where most communities' have few, Eagle Mountain has none.

I'd write more about this, but I'm late for my NAACP-Seattle Chapter meeting, and I have to be there. According to the by-laws, there has to be 5 members present to reach quorum. So if one of us doesn't show, .... Look I've got to go.


Blogger giornalista said...

Don't forget, this is the state that gave the world the Mormon faith... one letter too many in that name, if you get my drift...

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