Thursday, March 26, 2009

Or Maybe That's Just Me

Hi, this is Lance with Cock Shot®. You're going to be feeling wonderful all day because you're going to be taking shots at cock left and right like a pro.

Now, here's a guy. One shot to the cock. [Bam!] Mild testicle damage. Two shots. [Bam, bam!] Destroyed cock in seconds.

Now, watch this. You're going to add in some garlic. Okay? Here, we go. Going to put some garlic in. All right. And… [Pounds away on what appears to be a patent-pending action lever] You keep going. [Keeps going.] You completely pull apart that cock. I mean, it's gone.

And you've got a piece of garlic mashed to a dick.

Now, …

There is no stopping an idea whose time has come. All you can do is brace for its impact.

And imagine some way to turn it into a sexual aid.


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