Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tighty-whities! Tighty-whites! Check Out the Video, Motherfuckers, 'Cause It's about the Tighty-whites!

I'm in a Snuggie!
I'm in a Snuggie!

Everybody, look at me
'Cause I'm all up in a Snuggie.

I'm in a Snuggie!
I'm in a Snuggie!

Take a good, hard look
At the motherfucking Snuggie.

I wear a Snuggie, motherfucker, take a good, hard look at me.
It's like a blanket, but my Snuggie's got two sleeves.
I got my arms out, feeling all warm and fuzzy.
You can't stop me, motherfucker, cause I'm in my Snuggie…

Never thought I'd be this warm.
I wish they made Snuggie Porn.
I'm nake-ked: Look at me

Never thought I'd see the day,
Blanket with sleeves coming my way.
Believe me when I say, “Fuck yeah, Snuggie!

Say what you will about the Snuggie. It's still better than the Smitten.

Anyone with one of those is dead to me.


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