Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of Course, Do This in Your Car Any Other Day and the King Co. Sheriff's Department Is Going to Want to Have a Word with You (Don't Ask Me How I Know)

Cool. Hip. Artsy. Edgy. Well played, New York. Well played, indeed. But you know, if you hoist a funky pole, Seattle will run a freak flag up it, so by sponsoring this event, you knew it was only a matter of time before we replied, “Game on!”

True, Seattle doesn't have a subway system, only bus service, but if you've been on one of our buses, you know pants-less passengers pop up unexpectedly more than once a year. You also know it's neither cool nor hip nor artsy when it happens, and it's only edgy when incontinence is involved, as is, shamefully, too often the case. (It's generally the motive behind the pants-lessness—sad, I know.) As it turns out, the only thing the pants-less and incontinent love more than air drying their weeping brown eyes is free metro transit to all downtown locations. It doesn't make a good canvas for freak flag fun.

Which is why, partially, we opened our Light Rail Service last year. Yeah, ostensibly, we built it because we needed a commuter train linking the city to the airport, but I like to think we also did it so we could participate in the annual No Pants Ride.

Game on, mofos!

That's right, NYC. It. Is. On.


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