Friday, January 23, 2009

Man, It's Going to Take a Lot of Alcohol (and Therapy) to Get Me Through the Next Four Years

PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter. We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

This is a great idea. Really.

Um, St. Petersburg Times, could you help me? I'm having trouble finding the Bush-ometer and the Clinton-ometer and the Reagan-ometer on your site. Oh, you don't have those. You didn't think this was important until now—until there was a drunken ni… black president. Fair enough.

While we're on the subject of fairness, don't you think you should have, either, weighted the promises based on their importance to the president's agenda (or yours) or, at least, mentioned the methodology behind your system of ranking. Because not all promises carry the some level of importance, and giving equal weight to a small one as you do an important and valuable big one seems unfair. For instance, do you really think “Create an international tax haven watch list,” at No. 12, is more important than “End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000,” at No. 24 (aren't you a Florida newspaper?). Further, do you think, based on his campaign speeches and debate responses, that a international tax haven list is more important to the president's agenda than “Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners,” (No. 15), or more important than what he plans to do with the Bush tax cuts (Nos. 37 and 38)? No, I didn't think so, either, you dishonest shitbags, (oops) I mean, you incompetent fucks kind ladies and gentlemen of the hallowed press.

That? I told you. It's froth. My mouth just does that, sometimes, but, mostly, when I'm trying to be post-racial.


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